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Current Activity

- The Dauntless Project has been on hold as I stumbled between other major projects trying to to solve a late-in-life crisis. Being over the "standard" retirement age but still working, I was searching for an Idea on how to turn a hobby into a profitable business. Building a model boat didn't qualify.
- My primary employer "retired" me in early 2015 so now I have time to pursue other projects of interest.

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Dan Kautz and Dauntless









Welcome to ModelBoatBlog

The primary intention of this blog is to document the development of a Remote Conning System (RCS) for use with remotely controlled model boats. The menu bar items at the top of the page other than the Home link are the blog categories.

The Remote Conning System will be documented in the first category in this blog. The control concept works and has been proven with testing on the bench. It needs a test boat to make it a reality.

The second purpose of this blog is the documentation of the construction of the Dauntless model boat as the test bed for the RCS. That is presented in its own separate Dauntless Build category.

The third menu category is called Think Tank which is a general blog where miscellaneous thoughts and ideas are presented.

When reading some of the original posts and the Concept article, it is evident that I was thinking from the beginning that I would expand the scope of this blog to include more model boats.

Log in is not required to post comments. There is a time limit on posts where they will  remain open for comments. Then they will close to prevent flooding of old posts. All posts are reviewed by me before showing on the site.

I invite you to read some of the PAGES posted in the first box in the left column. They will explain more of what this blog is all about and who I am, the creator of the blog.